Welcome to the Stroma Network Member's Area

Please note the Stroma Network Members area and stromamembers.co.uk are seperate sites and as such having an account for one does not transfer to the other. You will need to contact Stroma Certification to set up an account for the Stroma Network Members Area.

Once logged-in you can access all the relevant information and order supporting material to enable you to work efficiently and effectively.

A key benefit of the member's area is the ability to submit online solar PV assessments and PV4FREE leads, as well as downloading supporting literature/documents to assist with your services.

The members’ area also provides access to the Stroma Store where you can purchase branded material, such as clothing to further promote your offering.

Should you wish to discuss the service offering of the Network, please call 0845 621 11 11, or alternatively email network@stroma.com.